Friday, September 30, 2016

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The Doniphan County Courthouse, designed by George P. Washburn & Son, Architects and constructed by J. H. Wagenknecht, Wathena, KS, in 1906 occupies a full square block in Troy, KS, surrounded by the city’s central business district.  From its lofty domes, you can see the grain elevators at Denton, the water towers at Highland and St. Joseph, Missouri, as well as many of the homes, churches, schools and commercial buildings of the county, surrounded by rolling hills and large expanses of rich farmland.

TALL OAK – Peter Toth Indian Monument – Troy, KS
Sculpter Peter Toth’s gifted one monument in each of the 50 states, to raise the nation’s conscience to the plight of the American Indian.  Created from a 250-year old Burr Oak tree, 27 feet high.  Situated on the Courthouse square, Troy, Kansas, in the Troy business district located just off of US-36 highway, 15 miles west of St. Joseph, Missouri.

One of the Top 8 Wonders of Kansas!

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The Four State Lookout resides in the small historic town of White Cloud, Kansas.  The town is located 84 miles northwest of Kansas City, Missouri, on the east side of the state.  The Four State Lookout is a place on one of the highest parts of town where you can see Kansas, Missouri, Nebraska and Iowa all at one glance.

The breathtaking view is on a raised deck which places you above the tree tops and when looking out over the land, with the view of the four states, in front of you lies the Missouri River.
(photo taken by Harland Schuster)



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